Proofreading: Ground Rules of Not Being Ashamed of Your Work

I don`t know any student who would enjoy proofreading their essays or academic papers. Well, why would they? It`s not like you can turn into a hobby. Firstly, while reading something that you`ve written, you have to come to the realization that this whole work makes absolutely no sense. It`s not about your grammar or vocabulary that you used. It`s just that this essay should go straight to the trash can.

I`m not trying to bring you down here. Try to remember what you usually think about while proofreading any of your works. “Can I actually submit that? I`ve lost the whole point in the second sentence already”. But you still submit it, so relax. Everybody has some serious doubts about their writing skills because you always think that other students write much better and they will definitely get the higher grades. No, they won`t. Feeling any better now?

Of, I have completely forgotten about “secondly”, we still have to get to it. So secondly, it often happens that you feel way too lazy to proofread a paper, don`t you? That`s okay. After all those grammatical, syntactic and orthographic struggles you had, you may not feel like proofreading is that necessary. Or if you`re submitting the work the very last minute before the deadline, you simply don`t have time for that. The only thing that you can do in that situation is just to hope that you`ve created a perfection in the first place.

In case you don`t want to fully jeopardize your education, perhaps, you`ll find those ground rules of proofreading from WeDoEssay rather useful.

One, Two, Three, Go!

I am talking about the days. You`ve got to wait for two-three days before checking all those mistakes and misspellings. You`ve got to take a fresh look at things. If it`s an essay that you finish in one day, then you can just wait for the next day and proofread it. Your mind didn`t get all blurry and subjective yet. But a thesis is the whole other story. The more you dedicate your time and efforts to writing this work, the more you should wait before checking it.

Can you imagine what`s happening to your brain when it feels constantly under pressure because of all these long days and nights of digging up facts and scientific data and after that, composing it into a somewhat readable material? Of course, in such a way, your mind may miss the most obvious mistakes that even toddler will point out to.

So, you`ve got to take your time and give some relaxation to the brain, do something else and come back to the proofreading after you have a fresher look at stuff. You know, they say “time heals”. It works almost the same way with your writing.

I`ve Got Your Back, Jack

It often happens that you read your work, and everything seems just great. All the time that you spent working on this assignment may just dim out your critical thinking. So, ask a friend to help. Of course, if you`re going to address a person with a request like this every time you submit an essay, you have to start paying for such service. So stop irritating people and just ask them to go through your work and give an opinion on it if it`s something important.

You Thought You Could Trust Microsoft Word?

Okay, all the Apple lovers out where, you may come across that problem as well. So, I need you all to read about this important issue. You know when Word underlines the misspelled words or wrong punctuation marks? We tend to trust those suggestions because, hello, a computer is definitely smarter than us! But, it turns out that Word makes a fool of you pretty often.

It may happen that Word doesn`t really know this word or it has a foreign language origin. In such a case, it will suggest some corrections which will have nothing to do with the right spelling. If you don`t turn off the automatic corrections, your whole work may be set inaccurate by computer. Besides, be attentive with the “British-English” and “American-English” spelling check. Those may get mixed up.

A Little Help From the Internet

I bet when you have to submit an extremely important paper, you usually check out the spelling of such words as “mother” or “cinema” because of all the panic tendencies. Well, we all do that. The Internet is indeed a great platform where all the possible data and information are collected. Google itself usually knows the meaning and the spelling, but not the right order of words in a sentence or any other stylistics of the text.

There are plenty of online programs that will help you with grammar. Some are free and some are free to a certain extent. For example, they will point out to you what is wrong with a certain word or sentence but won`t provide you with any tips how to fix it.

Besides, if you want to do everything right for a 100%, you can address special services that you can find on the Internet. It`s a smart thing to do if you`re writing something serious like a thesis. It won`t be a computer program which will be checking your work but an actual human being with rich experience. It`s not like it`s going to cost you an arm and a leg, but still, save some money just in case.

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