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Learning in Playing Through the Educational Toys

The child likes to’s natural for him. He needs it to learn, explore and grow well. Although he does not always need toys to play, the child uses them very often to have fun.Among the multitude of toys available in stores, it is not always easy to make a choice. Here are the things to consider when buying a toy.

What are the criteria to consider when buying a toy?

The pleasure that the toy will bring

Before buying a toy, it must be assessed whether it will be fun for the child according to his tastes and preferences. This criterion is very important, because the pleasure is essential to the game. Indeed, if the child has no pleasure with a toy, it will simply leave it aside. The Children edu toys are here now with the best information.

Toy Safety

To avoid the risk of suffocation, strangulation and injury, some toys should be avoided before the age of 3, including those with small parts or long rope. To find out more about toy safety, check out our Toys sheet: to have fun safely.

The stage of development of the child

To be interesting, the toy must represent a small challenge for the child, while remaining feasible. If the game is too easy, the toddler will find it boring. On the contrary, if the game is too complex, it can become a source of frustration, and the child may no longer use it, even when he has the necessary skills. Too advanced toy can also harm the esteem of self. Indeed, if he never succeeds in doing well, the toddler will see over time as “not good”.

The Versatility of the Toy

The toys with which you can play in different ways often interest the child for a longer time, as they allow him or her to take an active part in the game. On the contrary, toys that offer only one activity (eg, putting a shape in a hole or pressing a button to listen to a song) generally do not entertain toddlers very long. Blocks are a good example of a versatile toy. Indeed, the toddler can, at first, take them and throw them. Afterwards, he can knock down the blocks you made, and later build his own towers. Older, he can create more complex constructions with his blocks.

The simplicity of the toy

The toy must also be easy to use. Even if the child likes playing with his parents, he must be able to play with the toy without having to be helped. Otherwise, he will not have fun.

The price of the toy

Price is also a factor to consider when buying a toy. It is usually possible to find toys that fit the budget set while taking into account the criteria mentioned above. In addition, expensive toys are not always the most interesting. This is often the case with toys that feature the character of a popular film, as fashion often influences prices. Educational toys are also usually more expensive.

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